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What We’re Reading This Week – August 8

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What We’re Reading This Week – August 8

A few of our favourite stories this week – from crisis communications to thief-shaming.


I Am Canadian: A Reply to Bell’s Open Letter

This blog post addresses the recent television, radio, and print ads produced by our big three telecom companies (Bell, Rogers, & Telus), and refutes the claims made within using simple language and clear arguments. For those academic nerds out there, it’s great to see the rhetoric being used in these ads turned on its head. Plus, no one likes Bell, right?

Quartz joins the wave of media entities trying to rethink how reader comments work

re we on the brink of a reinvention of how readers’ comments in online articles work? Sites like Gawker, Medium and Quartz lead the way by giving readers the ability to add ‘annotations’ to specific parts of an online story.

How Facebook Plans To Make Its News Feed A Little More Like Twitter

Introducing, the play-by-play.

life of a stranger who stole my phone:

This is not an article per se, but a fantastic look into communication technology theft in the age of cloud computing. Sometimes you can’t catch a thief, but you sure can shame him! “Who gotcha phone? I HAFID!!”

7 quick and easy (and controversial) rules for commas

Nothing irks a communication professional (or makes someone in communications look less professional) more than poor grammar. Brush up on one of the most incorrectly used pieces of punctuation – the comma. You might also want to read what one Hey Receiver thinks of the notorious Oxford comma. (please include a link to my post, thanks!)

Hard Questions For Email’s “Lost Generation”

Can email be made more social? Or should email and social be kept as separate forms of communication?

Infographic: Why Visual Storytelling Rules

Not yet convinced about the importance of visual storytelling to every organization, including non-profits? This article and infographic might help to persuade you.

5 Ways To Lead No Matter Your Title

Great advice on leadership for all levels of a career.

Factoring social media into your crisis communications

A look at how social media and mobile technology are not only changing how news is produced, but how crisis communications teams are able to incorporate personality and candour in their responses.


photo by Michalis Famelis 

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